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NEW Stretch Wire Bracelet

Description: Stretch Wire and Bead Bracelet

Available Colours:   Various Colour Combinations, request colours on order

Price: R 22.50
Product code:   353

Lustre bead bracelet
  Description:   elasticated
Available Colours:   multi(as pic)
Price: R 6.00
Product code:   BR280 

NEW Coil Bracelet

Description: Coil Bracelet

Available Colours: Orange, Lime Green and Cream Multi (Colour in picture sold out)

Price: R 25.00

Product code:   97

NEW Small Bone Bead Bracelet

Description: Elasticated Small Bone Bead Bracelet

Available Colours:   Multi, White Multi, Turg Multi, Orange Multi, Pink Multi, Purple Multi, Rasta colours,

Price: R 6.00

Product code:   169

Rubber and Cotton Bracelet
  Description:   rubber and cotton BR
Available Colours:   Multi
Price: R 5.00
Product code:   BR157

Zig zag bracelet

Available Colours:   silver
Price: R 1.50
Product code:   BR155

Brass bracelet
  Description: Mixed style small brass & W/M
Available Colours:
Price: R 14.00
Product code:   BR 94
Brass bracelet
 Description:   Mixed style small brass & W/M
Available Colours:   Brass
Price: R 14.00
Product code:   BR94
Metal bracelet

Description:   metal round BR
Available Colours:
   silver, gold, bronze
Price: R 15.00
Product code:   BR432

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